What to eat with our first ever beers? Lager pairs brilliantly with spicy dishes – but don’t worry, no need to dial up your local curry house, unless you want to, of course! A quick round of spicy fish or smoky pork tacos make for a casual supper?

Baja-California Style Spicy Fish Tacos

A classic Mexican peninsular snack, these Baja-California style fish tacos are gently spiced and served with pickled chillies, purple slaw and a generous drizzle of homemade avocado crema dressing. RECIPE VIA OLIVE MAGAZINE.

Otherwise perhaps a chilli-laden stir fry? And you can’t go wrong with some hot, spicy Dandan noodles…

Kapow Dan Dan Noodles

If you’re not familiar with dan dan noodles, or if you’ve had this fiery, aromatic and addictively savoury snack in a restaurant but never made it yourself, you’re in for a treat. Liberally laced with the smoky chilli oil and numbing pepper for which Sichuan province is famous, they’re a moreish winter warmer. RECIPE VIA THE GUARDIAN .

Something simpler? Go for delicately-herbed chicken – in a salad or with some sweet potato mash and veggies.

Chargrilled Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes, Avocado, Peas and Mint

This healthy chargrilled chicken is full of smoky flavour and served with fresh tomatoes and avocado. RECIPE VIA DELICIOUS MAGAZINE.