It’s only month two and already we’ve been featured in a few places – which is pretty damn exciting. First up – a big thank you to living legend Mr Jay Rayner! We were recommended by Jay in his column in The Observer – READ HERE.

Men’s style blogger Carl Thompson has also featured us. His intro is pure gold and we’re now planning a spinoff TV show.

“Today I’d like to talk to you about Books and Beer. Sounds a great cop-buddy duo from the 70’s right? Books is a learned detective with 10 years on the force. He has a resplendent moustache and immaculately dressed in 3-piece city tweed suits. Beer can do shoulder rolls across the hood of an SUV and doesn’t wait for back up.”

“I’ll be the first to admit that in the advent of Netflix, box-sets etc, there’s been a huge disparity between the books I currently own and the books I’ve read. Meaning I have every intention of reading books when I buy them, yet find the months tick by and they’ve sat on the shelf, unmolested by eyes and hands.” READ HERE.

And Maketh The Man also have some great things to say about the box – in fact, their blog post is entitled ‘Nothing Beats The Books Plus Beer Subscription’. YES GUYS!

“There is often a stigma with men around working towards self-care, which is probably driven by bravado and fear of being seen to be weak. But sometimes something as simple as doing some Yoga, or sitting down to a good book and beer, can make all the difference to ones state of mind. Books plus Beer does exactly what it says on the tin, provide a good book and a couple beers to enjoy whilst tuning off from the world around you. The aim of the game is a monthly subscription box, containing brilliant books and a couple of fine craft beers to enjoy the read with.” READ HERE.