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Long doughnuts


You know round doughnuts? They’re over. Last year’s news. Longboys has just opened in Wembley’s Boxpark and it’s doing those doughy mounds of sweet, sweet, deep-fried heaven differently: long doughnuts. The key to these finger-shaped bombs of goodness is a lighter brioche and toppings such as sticky toffee pecan and burnt orange, rhubarb and custard. Doughnuts. Is there anything they can’t do?

And sausages!


We’ve hit peak burger. It’s time for sausages to roll into the limelight. X-Upper is a gourmet sausage restaurant that’s just opened on Islington’s Upper Street. The team can lay claim to one of the toughest, most gruelling research trips of all time, chomping their way through 513 sausages across 14 European cities. The restaurant’s Swiss Olma – a Swiss bratwurst served with milk and honey sourdough – is the kind of meal you dreamt of when you were chewing on a charred Richmond banger at your mate Simon’s washed-out barbecue last summer.



Rich Roll’s podcast with David Goggins: Going Beyond Motivation And Why Mindset Is Everything


If you don’t know who David Goggins is, this is the perfect introduction. Simply put, he’s the emperor of endurance, the prince of pain. He’s the only man to ever have completed the unenviably body-and-mind-breaking training to get into the Navy SEALS, US Army Ranger School <and> US Air Force Tactical Air Controller Training. He’s also completed a knee-destroying 60 ultramarathons. The guy’s a machine – and this chat with Rich Roll illuminates what any human being (yep, including you) is capable of.



Channel 4’s Home


Comedy fans are spoilt for choice at the moment with Partridge, Fleabag and Derry Girls all returning to our screens. But make sure you also do not miss Home on Channel 4. Written by and starring W1A’s Rufus Jones, it follows Leave-voting stepdad Peter (played by Jones) who discovers a Syrian refugee hiding in the back of his car following a holiday to France. The refugee, Sami, ends up being invited to live with them in by Peter’s girlfriend, leading to a whole new dynamic in suburban Dorking.



Finisterre’s Nimbus Insulated Jacket


It’s that weird time of year when you go to put a jacket on but you have no clue what the weather is going to do. Forecasts are currently next-to useless. There were those odd three days of summer-in-winter last month, but now the temperature has dropped again and no one raises an eyebrow at horizontal rain or even a flurry of snow. That’s why we’re opting for this water-resistant, lightweight and warm jacket, so it can handle anything the climate throws at you, and it looks damn good too.



The Don McCullin Exhibition at Tate Britain


Documentary photography Don McCullin worked in war zones across the world throughout the 20th century, and this unmissable exhibition at the Tate Britain gathers together more than 250 pieces of his work. It’s a huge, sprawling collection of some of the most shocking and inhumane imagery you will ever witness, and even features one of his cameras shot through by a bullet – serving to remind him how lucky he is to have survived six decades of war reporting.



Springfield Confidential by Mike Reiss


If you’re a Simpsons fan, and let’s be honest here, who isn’t, Springfield Confidential should definitely be on your wishlist. It’s worth reading for the many anecdotes from writer/showrunner Reiss’s stint on the series alone, such as the one and only time the writers settled for a joke that was sub-par when naming Comic Book Guy’s store (The Android’s Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop) as they thought it would only be seen once, yet it ended up featuring in dozens of episodes. Now each time he sees this “not-quite-funny sign” he’s embarrassed.