Crime – 12 Months


Ready for an unputdownable thriller? Choose our crime subscription and we promise we’ll select the very best brand new titles you’ll race through. Something to keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat? You’ve come to the right place.

We always ensure that our books are recently published, meaning that it’s very unlikely you’ll receive something you’ve already read – unless you live in a bookshop. Our books are selected by a well-read team – and always in paperback, meaning that they’re practical for reading on the go. Or on the sofa…

And as for those craft beers? Each box features two interesting cans or bottles, from pioneering, up-and-coming breweries. We’ll choose brews to suit most palates – and also include tasting notes and recipe suggestions, so you’ve got a chilled night in, in a box!

The cost? Just £10 plus P&P.



Each month, our team handpicks one brand new crime title, and always in paperback so it’s easy to transport too. What types of crime can you expect? Think page-turning thrillers from writers like Jo Nesbo, Ian Rankin, Lee Child and the creme de la creme of crime – as well as the most interesting, new, up-and-coming names.

And along with your book? A couple of excellent craft beers to enjoy as you read. We’ll also include tasting notes and details about your book, as well as recipe ideas, a reading soundtrack and more. Want a personalised gift card to go with the box? We’ll add one in for free!