The Human Edge


The world is spinning so fast it’s difficult to keep up. Two hundred and fifty years ago the Industrial Revolution replaced our arms and legs at work. The fourth Industrial Revolution is now replacing our brains. This technological shift is engulfing organisations and people.

It’s challenging the very essence of what it means to be human. Daily news headlines pose existential questions that used to belong in the pages of science fiction: Will a machine take my job? Are we becoming cyborgs? What happens when supercomputers become self-aware? If we can’t compete with artificial intelligence, what’s left?

Innovation guru Greg Orme provides a helpful, funny and supportive shove in the right direction. He explores the skills you need to survive and thrive in a world of artificial intelligence. He urges you to stop competing, and instead do things machines can’t. To become a more human, human. This is a practical toolkit to master three intrinsically human ‘super powers’:

1. To ignite your innate CURIOSITY in a world of accelerating change…
2. To rediscover your CREATIVITY to produce an avalanche of game-changing ideas…
3. To develop CONNECTIVITY to kindle the passion, persistence and insights to successfully engage fellow humans to turn human creativity into business innovation.

These career-enhancing capabilities have been identified in Orme’s work with business managers and organisations across the globe. They draw upon the latest psychological and neuroscience research, the unique philosophies of successful entrepreneurs, the practises of the world’s most innovative companies, as well as the habits of great artists, designers and scientists. Learn how to surf, rather than sink, in the waves of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Become an authentic future human, in a world of artificial intelligence.

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