Drink beer, read books, and get paid for it? This new job could be the best in the world, and it fits right in with your working-from-home requirements…

In earlier times ‘the world’s best job’ might have involved endless international travel or maybe taking centre stage at that season’s biggest sporting occasion. But for anyone who has suddenly found themselves at a loose end because of the current situation, here’s a new dream job that is fully Covid-19 compliant and easy to fit around your WFH requirements: you’ll be paid to drink the best British beers and read the most promising, fresh-off-the-press books all day.

We don’t need to tell you how brilliant Books + Beer is, do we? A subscription service sending out the latest and greatest crime or non-fiction reads? Plus two distinctive craft beers carefully selected from one of Britain’s many small-scale breweries? Yes, this is one truly genius business concept. 

With boxes costing just £10 per month, and so many people now looking for fulfilling ways to spend their days at home, soaring demand has left the Books + Beer team rather busy, which is why hiring a designated reader-drinker has become necessary.

Perhaps with a background in marketing and content, the successful applicant will also be a literature lover who will happily race through publishers’ most interesting new titles in a quest to find the perfect matches for Books + Beer’s discerning audience. As subscribers choose to receive either crime or non-fiction works, a typical day might be spent in the grip of the latest whodunnit or learning tricks of the trade from titans of industry and the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.

Whether immersed in a proper page-turner thriller or studying a self-help guide for start-ups, this is an audience that appreciates titles that challenge you to think, learn and expand your mind. Of course, a carefully paired brew goes beautifully with a thought-provoking book so being up to speed on pioneering breweries’ most interesting creations is another key undertaking. That means developing relationships with the many brilliant British breweries crafting beers with depth, A-grade ales and spectacular stouts. Forget the same old supermarket staples; instead Books + Beer celebrates surprising offerings from up-and-coming brands such as Sussex vegan craft beer specialist Lost Pier Brewing and Surrey’s Big Smoke Brew Co. 

Part of the Ampersand Book Co (whose portfolio also includes Reposed, the UK’s best-selling book subscription service for modern women), Books + Beer continues to grow at a rapid pace and so a successful candidate with a passion for business and plenty of ingenuity will be given the opportunity to progress within the company. With pay dependent on experience, applications for this enticing new part time role are currently being accepted and a creative approach will be rewarded. Whether submitting an enquiry in the form of a book review, sharing a round-up of Britain’s best beers or doing something else entirely, making some effort to stand out could make securing the world’s best job a reality. Our email is hello@ampersandbookco.com, but we’re really looking forward to the truly creative ideas. You ready? The best job in the world awaits.